Its too easy firestly write full name of ur mam then how is her teaching style how is her speaking level is she friendly with u and how much how she talks with u and  u can write many more thinks about them but at last write that she is my most favrouite teacher .....

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The name of my favourite teacher is......
she/he is _____years old.
HE/SHE is very smart and active
SHE/HE has a great experience
HE/SHE is teaching us from______years
HE/SHE is great experienced.
HE/SHE loves me a lot
HE/SHE has been teaching in our school from ______years
HE/she belongs to ______
I love Him/Her a lot. 
HE/SHE teaches us ________
HE/SHE is very cool minded.

MAY SHE/ HE live long
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