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1.Your school is celebrating 'Diwali mela 'on 15 0ct 2014.As school captain draft a short notice informing the students of your school,regarding all the relevant details of their concern. have lost your school sports bag in the playground..write a notice describing the bag in or around 120 words. are dinesh kakkar,head of city sports club in Aurangabad.write a notice to inform the members about the forthcoming swimming competition for different age groups.give the necessary details. are renuka tiwari .you have found a watch near the school gate.write a notice informing the students about it .give all the necessary details and also from where it could be claimed



Im giving just matter for u!!!!right?//
1)our school is going to celebrate diwali mela on 15th october.this year we have decided to celebrate it we need the active participation of all the students.whoever want to participate can hand over their name to the respective class leaders.the other details will be in formed to you later

3)this is to inform all the members of city sports club that a swimming competition is there so i request every body to participate and do their best .this time our aurangabad branch should earn more the other details will be informed to you later
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                                                                                         Date  19/11/2014

                             LOST   LOST      LOST   ----    My School Bag

 Dear friends.
     I have lost my school bag yesterday afternoon in the school playground.  I was practising badminton in the badminton court from 3 to 4 pm, towards the preparation for the forthcoming inter-school competitions.  I had kept my bag near the court.  When I searched for my bag after I finished my bag, I could not locate it.
     My school bag is blue colour.  It is the usual shoulder bag, with two straps on either side. It has a pocket on the front side.  A map of India with Sun rising from between Himalayas is printed on it in white and orange colours.  It is very important that I recover this bag. I have my notes, books and project reports in that bag.  
    Who ever has found the bag is requested to kindly hand it over at the earliest to the bag to the security at the gate, or hand it over in the office, or return it to me in class 10, section A.

                                                              yours sincerely,

P.S. :  I am unable to carry out my work due to this loss.  Please return it quickly.

                                                                                           Date 19/11/2014

                      LOST & FOUND !     LOST &  FOUND
                                      (A Wrist Watch)                       
Hi Friends, 

      I found a working wrist watch just outside our school gate today morning.  I was walking in to the school and I spotted it under the tree to the right of the gate.

    Th wrist watch is a girl's watch.  It is thin, and is gold coated.  The make of the watch is Titan.  It has a special number printed beneath it.  The right owner of the watch may contact me in the class room of X, section A.  You may claim the watch after identifying it with the number on it and giving more identifying details about it.  If no one approaches me by tomorrow, I will hand it over to the school office tomorrow afternoon.

                                                                                             Date: 10-15-2014

             *****                    DIWALI  MELA                      ****** 

My Dear Friends, 

            I am your dear school captain, Narayan, here with an important and interesting message for you.

          It has been decided by the school management that we will organise a "Diwali Mela" this year on 15th October.  Our school will purchase a number of fireworks, clothes, fancy diya, silver articles like bangles, special T-shirts for boys and girls and other articles.  The list is fantastic.   The T-shirts have attractive captions on Safe Diwali and  have our school name printed too.  
        Those who are interested in purchasing such articles, may please give the list to me.  We arrange to purchase in bulk and sell them at wholesale rates at a never-before discount rates.   Please inform your parents that we are arranging for articles here and convince them to buy from our school.  You will earn sales points for each Rs 100 that you sell !
       I will need volunteers to arrange the malls and to be sales boy and sales girls during the Mela in our school premises on the 15 th October.  Excellent opportunity to show your talents to sell here.  Hurry up and give your names to your class leaders by 11th October.  There are not too many places.


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