After her honeymoon,lisa decided to transform her wedding invitation into a piece of framed artwork for her living room. to do so,she enlarged the lenght and width of her rectangular wedding invitation by 80%.unfortunately, the resulting invitation was too large for the custom frame lisa ordered,so she reduced the length and width of the invitation by 50%.the area of the final invitation is what % larger(or smaller) than the area of the original?
a)19% smaller b)40% smaller c)10%larger d)19%larger




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Area A  is enlarged to  A(1.80)  (1.80)  = 3.24 A

Then the Area : 3.24 A is reduced to  3.24 A * (1/2)*(1/2) = 0.81 A

So it is 19% smaller.

last step how it will be 19% sir..
(1-0.81)100 % = 19% . area is 0.81 of before. it is smaller by 0.19 A. so 0.19A/A * 100 = 19%
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