1) Will external intervention lead to establishment of democracy in a country.
 2)What was the role of Ms sarojini naidu in the making of the Indian constitution
 3)What was the main objective of the French constitution of 1971/
 4)Give some features of Indian  
1. If three angles of a quadrilateral are 110,82, 68, then its fourth angle is A. 100 B. 110 C. 68 D. 260 (Quadrilaterals/Types and Angle Sum Property/E/1)
2. The chord, which passes through the centre of the circle, is called a A. Radius of the circle. B. Diameter of the circle. C. Semicircle D. None of these(Circles/Introduction to Circles/E/1)
3. If a right angled triangle is revolved about one of the sides containing the right angle it forms a(A) right triangle(B) right circular cone(C) right circular cylinder(D) prism (Surface Areas and Volumes/Surface Area of a Cone/E/1) these are mathematical questions