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People often say that are nothing like ghosts. Im confused .It was cold night, and I was becoming sick. I was in my living room lying on the couch watching television. Keep in mind that I have not taken any medication yet. Shortly after, I dozed off and fell asleep. I suddenly woke up and everything seemed the same as before I fell asleep. Television is on and the lights off. The only light that was on was the hallway light, but something seemed off. I couldn't put my finger on it. I soon realized that I was still asleep. All of a sudden, this black figure pops up right in front of me and pulls me off the couch. It drags me across the room and through the hallway. It tosses me into the room and shuts the door. Everything was pitch black and I could not see a thing. I then woke up, still on the couch wondering what just happened.The weird part was that it did not feel like a dream. I could feel everything, from being pulled to the feeling of when I was dragged. Everything was so vivid. The other weird part was that it didn't feel like I was pulled from my shirt. It felt as if I was pulled out of my body. This was something that I would never forget.I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had an experience like this or knows anything about it.
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