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My favorite gift - A radio

I like listening to the radio. Doing the homework, eating the dinner or reading the newspaper, the radio is always turned on. Even in the sleeping, the radio never turns off. I keep it 24 hours working. I like doing this because the radio gives me newest information about the world and the music can makes me feel relaxed. Last year of my birthday, my girl friend gave me a small radio as my birthday gift.

That favorite gift is brown in color, palm size, rectangular body, has 0 to 9 numeric keypads and a LCD display to show the receiving frequency. There are five memories in each band. The volume control and power switch are on the left hand side. The speaker is two inches in diameter. It is a three bands radio. It can receive ordinary FM and AM radio stations and also with shortwave band. It means the radio can receive BBC or VOA stations.

I like it very much because the station frequency can be entered directly into the radio by the keypads and stored into memory. I can set my favorite stations into the radio. At night, when I change the channel, just press a key, the channel can be recalled. It is very convenience. I don’t need to turn on the light to see the frequency pointer to determine what channel is selected.

But it has a disadvantage. The radio consumes a lot of batteries. It runs two small batteries. I need to replace the batteries every three days. Maybe, it is caused by myself. I turn it on for 24 hours, than the batteries are running out faster