Friends I have scored about 45 out 60 in my PSA....... in a fa 3 test I got 6 half because of my carelessness i n other subs I got full marks ....will my PSA mark and fa3 mark affect my cgpa......I got 4.9 out of 5 in sem 1 ..... Plz answer me...soon .......depressed!!!!

What is that is it my grade that is 7.5? Or I have scored below it?
Then what is 4.3 grade of my friends mark?? Out of 60
In PSA what is4.3 as a mark????
if I get48 out of60 wat is my cgpa


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Yes it will affect but not too much only about 0.5 to 1 at a maximum only........!!! but don't be depressed
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Oh k thank u so suppose am . Aiming fo 9.8 thus my grade will be like 9.7??
for 9.8 you have to score something like 57 or 58.
No no am asking cutting exams......
Sorry during exams
Yes if you score good marks your CGPA will increase 

And if you score not good marks your CGPA will definately go down .

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In which ?
U mentioned 7.5 what was that is that my grade???