The relation between sexual and asexual mode of reproduction is that both are modes of reproduction. They both are a type of cell division. The activities which occur in off-springs obtained by sexual and asexual mode of reproduction are same. That's it, I don't think there will be any more similarities between both of them!
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hetvi you dint need to answer it because you are too young and how did you know huh? don't read too much of books XD lol :P :D :* :3
i'm a 15 year old girl!! so i must know about it as it is a part of the education and i have answered it bcz I read it in my book itslef!! :)
Relation between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction is inversely proportional because in asexual mode there are less chances of giving birth to offspring having variations. but where as in sexual mode it is more to give birth to an offspring having more variations.