No it is not an evolutionary thing and it is nor true that people like women with larger eyes.
Alia Bhatt also has small eyes and many like her.

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     The question is about why people like women with larger eyes.  It is not asking about why people like or dislike women with smaller eyes..  that question may have different answers.  Liking women with larger eyes  does not mean disliking women with smaller eyes..  While answering this question,  look at only the positive points of women with larger eyes..

     The eyes are the most mobile and expressive parts of the face.  Their state and movement indicates different expressions of the person.  Often women with bigger eyes look very beautiful to the eyes and mind of the onlooker.  It is the natural sensation and perception of the quality of beauty.  It depends on the symmetry in arrangement of proportionate sizes of organs in the face.

      Because of this well known fact, women and girls apply black soot, kaajal (in Hindi), lamp black, burnt carbon powder in the eyes so that they look bigger and look more beautiful.  The all dancers kathakali dancers and brides especially apply kaajal in their eyes.  The eyes of statues of Gods and Goddesses also have big eyes.

     It is biological and big eyes is one of those things that appeal to our sense of beauty.  So it is a stimulus.   It is part of evolution in concerned or applicable regions.