You can take the story of sherlock holmes.You can change the characters of he story.

The story involves 5 characters.
2)Detective's assistant-1
3)Detective's assistant-2
4)The dead man
5)The dead man's son
6)Police officer
7)Dead man's friend

Once a police officer meets a detective for ask to help him in a case.The case was about a man who was killed.When the detective along with his two assistants and a police officers go to the dead man's house they see the dead man's best friend.When they investigate about the case to him, the friend of the dead man says that there was quarrel between the dead man and his son.So the dead man's friend told that the dead man's son would have killed his own father.Taking the dead man's friend as a good witness the police officer arrests the dead man's son.

Don't think that the detective has no role in the story.The detective did not believe what the dead man's friend told and further investigates the case secretly.And soon he finds that the dead man's son is not the victim and the friend of the dead man was the victim.The friend kills him because the dead man had threatened the friend of his with the money he had given.

The story ends with how the detective and his two assistants prove that the dead man's son was not the culprit and the dead man's friend was the culprit.



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Can you give a title for the story given below?
The mystery of the murder
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Once a detective agency received a call that there is dead body near the White towers.Tensed Smith, Barrie and gory - the 3 detectives rushed there. They saw the bullets that  is of their agency's mark. All the 3 were confused.Barrie was tensed quite more than other two.Then Smith and Gory called up Jonny their detective dog but well Jonny couldn't find the criminalist. Yet they traced upon hand prints and as it was detective agency's bullet they called upon all the staffs to check their and hand prints. But then Barrie argued smith and gory that he is not feeling well so he could move to home. All staffs hand prints were checked. Yet then they noticed the dead body was one of the staff by looking at the agency's tatoo in his hand.Only Barrie was left out and then they thought it may be Barrie's work as he was tensed. Barrie's hand prints were also mismatching the hand prints. As barrie was doubted by Smith and Gory he got angry as well. Then he argued that Smith and Gory's hand prints must also be checked. Yet it mismatched. At last they again noticed the marks on dead body. But the mystery is it was a suicide and the bullet was his own. The handprints matched with the dead body's hands. But he was a good person so they got a doubt why did he suicide? But this doubt was unclarified and case was closed. But the real mystery is smith and Gory killed him but the shot him with his gun wearing gloves. But they pretended to be undoubted. Fine. How was the story?
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Can you give a title for this story?
Good story
title- The Mystery Of Hanprints