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    It is good to use gadgets.  They are meant to make us feel better. 

     It is not the gadgets that make our life more comfortable or addicted to them. It is we that make our life comfortable or become a slave to the gadgets, by over using or getting addicted to the gadgets.

    If we see too much of TV, it is not good for the eyes and for the brain (it becomes dull).  But it is a pass time and can be used for learning events that are happening around. We see more of electronic products like mobile phone, social sites, music players, cameras than other type of products there days.  The radiation from these gadgets could harm us too.

    If we do not depend too much on the gadgets, improve our life by using them to the extent that is necessary, then we are making our life better.  If one cannot live without them and we use gadgets more and interact less with people, then one is likely to develop some disorders.

    We should be able to continue our life whether some gadget is working or not or available or not.  Often we just cannot proceed if our computer does not work or our mobile is misplaced.  So, we must have control over the use of gadgets.

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