Bouyancy is force that is acting opposite to the force of gravity
e.g. in a swimming pool if you put air filled ball in the water and force it. it will immediately spring back out of the water. as we know all the objects are pulled towards the earth because of gravity but in this case an opposite force acts pushing it out of the water.
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you have to give examples. not explanation of buoyancy

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Buoyancy is the phenomenon by which objects float in liquids like water.

When an object is put in a liquid, the liquid exerts a pressure and lifting force on the object vertically upwards.  That force is equal to the weight of the liquid that has been displaced by the object.


1.  Boat, ship, submarine:  The most important example of buoyancy in our daily life is the boat, ship and submarine floating in water.  They are made of such materials so that their bottom surface is large.  When they submerge in water to a small depth, water gives it a lot of buoyancy force, so they float in water.

2.  Balloons:   We fill them with a gas lighter than air.  Then they float and even go higher and higher in to the sky.

3. Swimming:  We learn swimming and we are able to swim due to buoyancy force.  It will be very difficult to swim if there is no buoyancy force.

4.  Decoration:  Often, some decoration is done on the surface of water bodies inside houses or hotels.

5.  Sea Plants.  Some plants float in water

6.  Big animals and fish like  shark, whale float because of buoyancy.

7.  Life boats, and life jackets are made on the principle of buoyancy.

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