Today is a special day in so many ways.we feel exceptionally blessed and fortunate to be able to share today with of of extra special word of welcome must go to all our friends , family and generous guest who have traveled far and wide to share today with us - we literately
we literally appreciate you going the "extra mile". Speaking of miles, we have all come a long way together.Some of you have been around and part of our [family / community / society / group / church / school / business ]for a long time, while others may have only been welcomed more recently.However, we are without a doubt, especially grateful that you are all here today sharing in this special occasion as we celebrate [ insert name and brief details of the occasion ]. Our hope is that you will enjoy the day with us, that we will strengthen the bonds and fellowship that binds us all together. May we all take the opportunity to re-affirm and confirm how lucky we  are to be amongst each other, next to each other and part of each others lives.Long may our friendship and fellowship continue.
hop it heps
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hope it helps
which occasion is this ? whom are u welcoming ?
school gathering