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There are 15 dams and reservoirs in telangana state.

Nagarjun sagar dam- It is a masonry damon the krishna river at nagarjun sagar in the border of nalgonda district of telangana state and guntar state of andhra pradesh state  Nagarjunasagar was the earliest in the series of "modern temples" taken up to usher in the green revolution in india.

ramagunda dam- It is an irrigation project on the godavari river in karimnagar district ,telangagna.

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There are 10 dams in telangana state - nizam sagar, nagarjuna sagar, singur dam, sriram sagar, rajolibanda dam, sri komaram bheem, jurala dam, srisilam dam, kaddam, upper manair dam and lastly the lower manair dam. 
this dam is constructed across the krshna river. it is constructed in the border of mahboob nagar district and kurnool district. it is the 3rd largest capacity hydroelectric project in the country. this project began in 1960 intially as a power project. the dam was finally completed after 20 years in the year 1980.
this dam is a major reservoir across river kadem. kadem is a tributary river of godavari. it has two major canals for water distribution.
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