Multiply everything by thousand to make into whole no. Then divide by factors.

2    100  250  125
2    50    125  125 
25  25     125  125
5     1        5      5
5     1        1      1

Now that there are all ones in the end, multiply all the factors on the left.

This is 2*2*25*5*5
This equals to 2500 .
We multiplied everything by 1000 in the beginning, so now we have to divide it by 1000. That then becomes 2.5. The lcm of 0.25, 0.1 and 0.125 is 2.5. so, at 2.5 seconds, the bells will toll together again.
should i?
yeah, please.
but i don't want to as you have done quite was a simple mistake
yeah, the five in the last line is what went wrong. i always make simple mistakes. anyways, even if you report it under a mistake, it's going to come back to me for editing, ill edit it, and submit it.
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