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my five year old daughter , mini, talks non-stop. although her mother tries to stop her sometimes i cannot do so . her conversationn with me are very interesting and are on varied topics like calling a crow a kauwa instead of a kak and whether rains occur due to an elephant pouring water from the sky . she of course,does not need any answer to her question and plays,all by herself ,at my feet,while i write  my novel.
while thus playing one day ,mini suddenly spotted somebody through the window annd called out a kabuliwala . i looked up and saw a tall, turbaned afghan pedlar outside . he saw mini and came in, daughter had, thenn ,vannished into the house for fear lest the man would kidnap her.
i,though disturbed in my writing ,had to be courteous and bought some stuff from him . i learnt that his name was rahamat . since he was eager to meet mini , i called for her .she came but clung to me,darting suspicious glances at the man's sack . he offered her some dry fruits which she did ot touch.this was the first meeting.........................hope this can help u i can write this much only