Features of rutherfords model of an atom are as follows : 
1] the atom as a whole is electrically neutral with electrons revolving around the nucleus in various orbits. 
2] the centripetal force provides the electrostatic attraction between electrons and nucleus.
3] every atom consists of a nucleus containing the entire positive charge.

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(i) Most of the space inside the atom is empty because most of the α-particles passed through the gold foil without getting deflected.

(ii) Very few particles were deflected from their path, indicating that the positive charge of the atom occupies very little space.

(iii) A very small fraction of α-particles were deflected by 1800,indicating that all the positive charge and mass of the gold atom were concentrated in a very small volume within the atom.

From the data he also calculated that the radius of the nucleus is about 105 times less than the radius of the atom.

(Answer in class 9 NCERT book Chapter 4.) 
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