Let us keep the puja as diwali..
 my dear ___________'

i was glad to read your letter a few days ago but as i was busy with my family with the diwali preparations and celebrations, i could not write back to you.
this year i had one of my best diwalis. we celebrated it with lamps, candles, and fireworks . i decorated my room with blinking neon lights and diyas.
of course i did light and burn fire crackers but not ware as i was aware of the consequences which would later. and im twice my actual size at the movement as i almost ate all the moti - chor ladoos that my mom had prepared. and do u remeber the ghagra choli we bught together the last time we met. i wore that for the puja as it was suiting the occasion. 
anyways, that was my bit. how was your diwali ? how are uncle and aunty ? and how could i forget shravan, the cute brother of yours.dont forget to reply to my letter as soon as get it.
good wishes
your best friend ______________

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