Because magnitude of non contact forces decreases with the increase in separation... in space due to a lot of separation between the shuttle and any planet the gravitational force becomes almost zero hence the space shuttle becomes weightless.

so if their gravity is almost zero then space shuttle should go out of its orbit why it continues to revolve...??
Because it has a speed which remains constant
oh k i agree it has a constant speed but in which direction...
The constant speed is in a direction tangential to the orbit. With the earth's gravity pulling down and the tangential path, a circular or elliptical orbit is formed
In space we feel weightlessness because the earth's gravity has less effect on us. Why do we not see the effect of the gravitational force between the various objects in a spacecraft? We see them floating around. Since the objects in a spacecraft are comparatively close to each other we should be able to see the gravitational effect between them.
you are not clear with the question ok tell me why any object float in the space???