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 Monera - 1 They are prokaryotic
                  2   It includes bacteria . 
 3     They are unicellular

protista- 1    They are eukaryotic.
            2          It includes bacteria It includes some algae, protozoa and early fungi.
             3       They are unicellular It can be unicellular or multicellular
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difference between Monera and Protista :
⇒ Monera is prokaryotic in nature while protista is eukaryotic in nature.
⇒ Monera does not have well defined nucleus and cell organelles while Protista has well defined nucleus and cell organelles.
⇒ In Monera, BGA is autotrophic and mycoplasma is heterotrophic while in protista
diatoms are autotrophic while protozoa is heterotrophic