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They spent the eveninng together the author referred to the currenncy in bermuda and the american doller but could not mention the doller that todd owed him after some time he realized that the latter had completely forfottenn all about the trip , to say nothing of the doller the author gave up all hope but strangely he bore him no grudge . he remained as friendly as ever but could not forget the matter 
a nagging thought disturbed the author's mind that,perhaps,he owed dollers to some men . he wanted them to speak out one by one so that he could write their names he did not includemen who might have lent him a doller over a bridge table or the man who lent him thirty cents to pay for a bottle of plain soda in the detroit athletic club last month
the author also wants to start a back to honesty movement for paying back all the odd dollers that are borrowed all of a sudden because the great nations were built up on the basis of absolute honesty 
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The story my Lost Dollar is the story of the narrator who lends a dollar to his dear friend Tod, who is carefree and forgets to pay him back and the way the narrator works up to take his dollar back.