Hlo... .. i didn't force dem... nd wven i didn't ask d person.. i'm just saying choose d ans by seeing every thing such as comma, and the content. Tht's it.. nd how can u think i'm forcing d person after choosing ur ans as best. ?
it is understood that there is a comma nd all ur nt only forcing but fighting 4r dat
Wht d hell... who z forcing here.... ? Im just saying.. k lev... it... nd i admit ur ans is good... k... im sry if u feel bad and i cant make dis discussion a lot of fuss. Bi
i didn't said my ans is good ...........ur ans is more better dan me but the dicision is one dem
Lev yaar.. chood do.... frndz...?


There are many types of energy such as light energy, heat energy, kinetic energy,potential energy, solar energy, wind energy, mechanical energy ,etc,.
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There are many types of energy mechanical energy electrical energy heat energy light energy sound energy etc
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