Yes, you're right. All too often we hear one-sided account of the events that precipitated WWII; and outside Germany the prevalent attitude is that Hitler started the Second World War, but we hardly ever get the chance to listen to the other side of the story.

Most accounts of WWII tend to be one-sided; but I think it was Angela Merkel who said that Versailles had a major part to play with igniting the next Great War in 1939-1945. If Merkel said it then I'm sure that other conservatives would also go along with it.

Having said this, I'm sure that historians of every nationality would agree that Versailles played a major part in sparking WWII; which is a good thing because it means they're not as partisan as politicians may be regarding who started the Second World War.

Historians tend to address the relevant issues and and ALL the relevant facts, and try to be impartial in addressing such issues; which means their viewpoint is likely to be more complete and reliable than the views of politicians who have partisan agenda.

Thank god we have the academic communities, which tends to deal with impartial FACTS, and ALL the relevant FACTS than the majority of politicians who have their own partisan agenda regarding which side started WWII.