The last century or the 20th century has seen most wars

The world wars also come under the list of wars in 20th century.

20th century was an era when weapons of mass destruction were built, territories were looking forward to increase there resources and land and when they got the required means to defeat other kingdoms......wars came into the view.

can u mention how many wars were there in 20th century. how did u decide that 20th century had most number of wars?
I read dat sir.

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Due to high population growth, building of weapons, improvement in technology, intentions of invasions of weaker countries by stronger countries, fights of people against dictatorships, communism, there had been many wars in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Number of wars in each century seems to be around 340.

Number of deaths in 20th century is much more than in 19th century due to new weapons and their fatality.

We count the wars including civil wars, wars between factions , wars between countries and wars between allies of countries.