Hud hud cyclone is the second tropical cyclone in the north indian ocean in is identified as a severe tropical cyclone on 9 th october. hud hud made it's land fal at vizag.The name hud hud is suggested by the Omen, it means a bird called Hoopoe. at the time of land fall the wind came with a speed of 195km/h. it destroyed the greenary of vizag and nearly 109 people were dead and 7000 crore property loss is occured.
On 12 October 2014 ,tropical cyclone Hudhud  made a landfall on India's coast of Andhra P. near the city of Vishakhapatnam. Vishakhapatnam was heavily damaged including airports,a number of buildings,electrical and telecommunications supplies and roads.Katcha housess have been particularly damaged. 22 people have been killed and 24800 people in 320 villages have been affected.