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Hasan Gangu’s weekly review concalls with Delhi’s Sultan Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq were becoming increasingly troublesome. He was not the only one who hated Tughlaq. The authoritarian regime with daily summary executions was riling the Delhiwallas too. They started writing nasty letters to Tughlaq. Tughlaq decided to lay Delhi in ruins. The new proclamation from the eccentric king commanded all the inhabitants of Delhi to move to the new capital of Deogiri or Daulatabad in the Deccan. But Hasan Gangu
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He revolted against muhammad bin tughlaq ala uddin bahaman shah whose orignal name was hasan gangu or hasan kanku and also bore the title of zafar khan was the founder of bahmani dynasty
Abu'l Muzaffar Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah whose original name was Hasan Gangu or Hasan Kanku.he bore the title of Zafar Khan was the founder of the Bahmani Sultanate