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1. Because in olden days people think that boys do better work than girls, they think that boys are better than girls and because of this reason people used to kill the girl child before they take birth...... 2. We can save girls by making the people to understand the power of girls .... today girls has played a major role on the development of a country. .. so we should make them to understand that girls do better than boys ..★★★★☆
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Girls were killed because people believe that girls are of no use except doing
The following steps can be used to save girl child..
People who are abusing girl child should be severely punished seeing that people should not harm a girl..
As a Student one convey the importance of a girl child to the society..
Voice should be raised who against girl child education and who supporting killing of girl child.
Girls play a very important role in our society so they must be saved...
Please save the girls for the betterment of our Nation.. without them there is no future in this World :-)
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