SCHOOL BEING A PART IN COLLECTING FUND. A report by : xxxx. 23.11.14 : Vijayawada : In one of the most famous and populas schools of vijayawada scts organised a cultural programme with the help of local artists of the city. They have organised this cultural programme inorder to collect funds to help an association for special children of our city. This was really good to listen that school children came forward with unfletching spirit to make this programme successful. Children expressed their joy & felt very happy for being a member in this school and as well as being a part in this programme in which their humanity was seen by all city people and they were admired. Scts allowed children from other schools to take place in this cultural programme. This was such a great thing. This is good to listen that our school scts provides everything for it's children and develops moral values, respecting others,etc, things in the students. Nearly 3,00,000 fund was collected. Infact local raising singers came forward to sing in cultural programme without taking remuniration.
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