Dear Friends,
A cheerful morning/evening to all the wonderful people present here!
I am very glad that you all have come.I hope you've enjoyed and had fun this morning/evening.Thank you for sparing your valuable time and spending it with us.I really appreciate your presence,.....It was all because of your cooperation this program was  successfully  completed......
if u want u can add ur own points also.I hope i helped u plzzz..... mark it best!!!!!!
What do you mean???

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Respected Chairman, Director, Principal, Chief guest Sri ----- , and dear friends,

   I would like say a few words on this lovely and important occasion.  It has been such a beautiful, entertaining, enlightening afternoon for all of us.  The finals of the athletics events that we just watched this afternoon with close finishes was really worth waiting for.

    Our chief guest sri ---, has given us good advices on keeping fit with sports and games, and has told us the need for all-round development.  I thank you sir, on behalf of all of us here, for having come and giving us the pleasure of your presence.  We thank you for giving away the prizes to the winners.

    Our Chairman, Director and Principal sirs also have told us many words that will be long remembered and followed.  We request you to continue to encourage us further in future too.  We thank you sirs, to have presided over our function and prize distribution. 

   Our sportsmen friends have performed so well in the sports and  I hope that they will perform very well in the upcoming inter-school competitions.  I thank all the participants. 

   I thank all of you my fellow students for giving your supporting presence during the events and during the function today.  I wish some of you will play in next year's events and win some prizes too.  Thanks for being with me all through today.

   Our P.T. Sir ----  and our school staff have helped us organize the competitions and today's function.  I thank them sincerely.

   Before saying goodbye, I request all of you to the singing of our national anthem.  Jana gana mana.......   

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