1. The cells of the nervous tissue are called neurons.
2. Each neuron consists of hexagonal cyton and hair like structures called axon.
3. Cyton has nucleus and cytoplasm in it.Cytoplasm has nissal's granules in     it.
4. From the cyton, hair like processes arise called protoplasmic processes.
5. Protoplasmic processes are of two types.They are:
 a) Smaller ones are called dendrites
 b) longer ones are called axons.
6. Axon is surrounded by a sheath called "Myelin Sheath"
7. Myelin sheath has gaps between it called "Nodes of Ranvier"
8. Neurons respond to the stimulus (stimuli)
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Neuron acquires particular information through dendrite located on its cell body. This information is then passed on to the axon , finally , the axon endings passes the information into the next neuron at the synapse.See the structure of neuron in the figure.