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   In our world, in general, we like to do what we want.  We desire that we achieve our tasks and work easily without much difficult.  We wish that there are no obstacles on our path and so we accomplish our intended projects or tasks with in time. 

  But the world is not so smooth unfortunately.  So we encounter some problems. Also we are not perfect and may not be highly intelligent to foresee every thing.  So we come to a halt some times in life.  Often, the weak-minded people lose heart.  They withdraw themselves from going ahead to solve the problem.  They do not find a way to solve the issue in front of them.  They drop at the dead end.

  But there are brave and determined persons who fix their heart and mind on the task to be done.  Their intentions in their will are very strong to solve the issue.  They check their resources, they use their brain, they keep their cool and find a way out of the dead-end and the dead-lock of the situation. 

   Many scientists have time again failed in their attempt to build some new invention or discover the reasons for a new phenomenon.  If they did not will strongly, to continue until they saw the end of the issue, then we would not have had so many inventions.

   If there is a will to achieve some thing, then a way may be found.  If there is no will at all, then definitely, there is no way to proceed further on.  Hence, it is important to be wise and  determined, and keep our will strongly on solving the problem at hand.

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