We all are familiar with the quote "Honesty is the best policy", which has kind of become like "Dishonesty is the best policy"!!. Talk about the new Leaders of our nation all they do is lie for almost about every thing to shine in front of the public.
Okay!! it does help for some time but when the truth comes out.........KA BOOM!!! one becomes the laughing stock of that place!!
Why so?? the question is heavy but the answer is easy: HONESTY PAYS AND CORRUPTION DISHONORS!!! ask a retired politician how it feels when people comment on how he/she has served the country? they will answer boldly that they wished they could have served people for a longer time, but if the politician has done all the horrible thing to hold his post all he can do is mumble a few words about serving a nation with pride and pleasure in it............
So why to be remembered as a sniveling cheater than a legend?? remember truth can never be hidden long,so follow the path of truth!!! 

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hey! whoever you are hope you got some or the other points for your essay. I'm not so good but just tried to help you!!