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Latent heat of ice = 80 cal/gm = 334.4 J/gm. For 2 gm of ice to convert into water it takes 334.4(2) J = 668.8 joules.
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Condensing word is used when a gas or vapour converts to water/ice.  Then heat is released.

we call it melting when ice becomes water.  then heat is absorbed.
We call it fusion or solidifying or forming ice, when water becomes ice. Then it releases water.

Latent Heat of melting of FUSION at 0 deg C , it is the amount of heat released when 1 gm of water becomes ice.

Latent heat = 333.55 Joules/gram, or  79.8 calories / gram

For 2 grams of water 2 * 333.55 = 667.1 Joules (or  159.6 calories) are released.

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