U should be clean your hair should be clean.if u have dandruff u just wash ur hair twice a use egg white for your hair and wait for 30 min. And wash, .for more effective removal of dandruff you use clean and clear.if u want ur hair to become dandruff free u go to hair spa
and bhagi kuda telugu ne..
yeah ofcourse....
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 when we doesnt take good diet, when pressure increases, due to pollution, chemicals and due to washing hair frequently our hair starts falling.
1. try to use only one shampoo. and dont change it frequently.
2. oiling your hair for twice a week.
3. dont  wash your hair too frequent.
4.massage ur hair after applying oil to it.

1 apply neem paste to head and wash it after 1/2 hour. do this twice a week.
2. apply hibiscus, neem to head.
3. apply a fresh lemon juice to head
4. curd that is too sour to taste should be applied.
if you try these you'll see change. using lemon is more preferable.

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