Where do the bulb is placed with respect to mirror in the headlights of a car

i ve a daubt that it would be focus but i want perfect answer
I want to ask..In car...which bulb u r talking about...??
the bulbs which are at the front,those two ya
If bulb is placed at focus , image is formed at infinity. Yes you are true, Didi, bulb is at focus.



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The bulbs in car head lights are placed nearly at the focus.  There are two bulbs (and two beams) in the car head lights, called low beam (dipper) and a high beam.  High beam goes far away 60 m to 80 meters. The beam is higher and falls in to the eyes of the drivers from opposite side.  Low beam (dipper) falls at distances 20 m to 50 m.  This is used inside city and lower speeds.

The reflecting surface is not concave.  It is usually parabolic in shape, to restrict the area of reflection.

Usually the blub for high beam is placed at the focus of parabolic reflector. The light beam after reflection falls on the road very far away at a small angle to the horizontal due to parabolic shape.  If it is spherical, then beam goes to infinity.

Usually the bulb for low beam is placed around 1 cm or 2 cm away from focus and a little above focus vertically.  So it is nearer to the top surface of reflector.  Hence the beam falls on the road nearer than high beam.  It may be kept a little to the left/right side of focus to illuminate more on one side of road.

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