For your face  and skin to become fair:
1]Dont expose yourself to the sunlight.
2]Wash your face with fresh cold water as many times as possible.
3]Always eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
4]Avoid using several types of creames and lotions,instead use natural things such as turmeric or neem which are also very good antibiotics.
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 first thing is to protect yourself from sun.
2.apply sunscrean lotion before going out. but dont use it more because there is a chance to get pimples.
3. scrub your skin and face to remove dead cells.
4.rinse your face with lemon juice.
5. use raw potato and apple.
6. use turmeric paste
6. alovera which is makes our skin bright.
7. lemon honey mask, oatmeal curd mask
dont do these more. if this doesnt works be happy with ur skin. but dont do more because there may be a chance to damage our skin.
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