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   Honesty means speaking truth and being principled about earning properly.  Honesty means not accepting any bribes and not cheating people.  Honesty means sticking to morals and ideals one has and one believes in.

   Honesty is a very great virtue of a person.  It means one does not bend his principles to earn illegally.  Honesty means paying one' taxes properly and living at one's level of comfort with out getting lured for higher levels of comfort and enjoyment.

   Living honestly is difficult in these days. Yet many do adhere to their honesty.  Corruption is practiced by many people who are in authorized positions to earn more money than they should.  They do favours to other people illegally without proper documents and tax payments.  This practice is immoral and cheating the society.  Corrupt people are going to jail when they are proved to be corrupt.

   Corrupt person may earn a lot of money but they live with a fear that they are caught and they go to jail.  They get dishonoured badly.  People do not respect them and their families.

   But honest people may be poor, but they earn popularity, respect and money steadily. They are paid back for their virtue.  So we should be honest and be respected.

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