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Unemployment is a big problem in India. Many youngsters lead a useless life because of this. They take up unfair means when they don't get jobs or in frustration commit suicide.......
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Dear friends,  I am very happy to give a speech on a very important topic such as unemployment.  This is the problem created by the modern man himself. Please listen to my view on this subject of national importance and ask me a question or two at the end. Okay, I will proceed now to my views on the topic.


     Unemployment is the state of an adult person being unemployed and not earning any money in any fashion.  In general, it is used to describe a person who is not having a regular job in the public sector or private sector or not having an self-employed monetary activity.

   Unemployment is a social problem, if the number of unemployed in a country is large, like more than 5%.  So it is a problem severity at state and national levels.  Unemployment in cities and rural areas or small towns are of different nature and impacts.  They must be solved and kept under control so that the development of the nation is not hampered.


  A person or many persons remain unemployed when their qualifications


  There are many impacts on the individual families and on the society as a whole at the community and national level.


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Reason : A person or many persons remain unemployed when their qualifications do not match the requirements of jobs available in the city. In the current society the requirements are going higher and higher each year. Also, the government is not able to create as many jobs are needed. Capitalistic approach also causes unemployment to some extent. Communism concentrates on employment.
Impacts: Unemployment leads to social unrest. It can lead to increase in thefts or terrorism. It also indicates an improper and uncoordinated progress in the society. It has a massive effect in a populous country as India. Many revolts took place in history because of high unemployment, high prices and lack of sufficient food.
Solutions: many government sponsored schemes must be introduced. New industries must be started. Loans for self-employment may be given. Standards of education may be risen. Professional and job-oriented inexpensive courses are to be created.
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