the first and last advantage of air conditionors a release hot air from thre back side when they run which effect green house effect and lead to global warming.
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also it takes lot of electricity.

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1. The room is totally closed and there is no ventilation.
2. The air is not so fresh and may not be biologically pure and have sufficient oxygen.
3. it consumes a lot of current.
4. Often we feel cold. When we want to shut off AC and feel the fresh air, we cannot do so.
5. It has to be always on for fresh air circulation.  Otherwise the room is full of stale air.
6. It is costly.  Any repairs also are not simple.
7. They create a lot of load on the electricity corporation which supplies current.
8. It is not easily portable.  It needs installation and to remove or shift also, it is not simple.
9. It heats up the atmosphere.

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