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Dear ( name of your friend),

I trust you are doing fine. How are your studies going? Please tell me about your trip to Europe , last month. Hope you all enjoyed the trip. 

I have a very funny incident to tell you. You are well aware of Neetha aunt's habit of meddling in everyone's affairs, I guess. Whenever she informs us about her visit, we feel so terrified, wondering how our peaceful life is going to change during that period of her stay!

This time , she came during the Diwali holidays to our home. As soon as she came, she began reprimanding us, for anything and everything, which we thoroughly disliked! We felt  the joy of festivities vanishing, because of her high pitched rebukes!

Just then, the courier boy came with a parcel, to be delivered at our home. Neetha aunty, as the 'person in charge of the house' opened the door. After giving the parcel to her, and obtaining her signature, he said, " A confirmation mail would be sent to the e-mail address. Could you tell me the address please?" Neetha aunty, with absolutely no idea of technology, snapped, ' Why should I tell you the address? If you didn't know the address of this house. how did you come here with the parcel?" 

We all burst into laughter till our stomach ached but aunty didn't seem to have the slightest clue of what had just happened! As usual, she continued with her set of instructions to all of us about what has to be done and how , as if she only knows about everything and can never make mistakes!

You can imagine, how our Diwali was celebrated, from my description! Hope you had a wonderful Diwali! Please convey my regards to your papa, mom and sister. 

Hope to see you during Christmas. 

With warm regards
Yours lovingly
(Your name)

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