Plzzz......i have prayer proceedings in our school tommorow i want to conduct it very differently than that of i need some different ideas and information in different way .......and it should also contain some comedy in that all can enjoy and it will be friends plz.......give me ideas and information regarding the above asked......plz.....



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You may first start with short prayers , news ,thought after that you can make a skit on the topic cleanliness in which people would be telling what kind of contribution they did in the swachh bharat abhiyan to 93.5fm in that you can also add that the person whose contribution would liked by the radiooperaters would get a chance to meet Narendra Modi
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can u give some information
some more information....
yes afcourse
thought can be like coins always make sound but paper noyes are always silent which means that when ur value increases silent and humble
then u be the conductor for the radio conduct 2 people as the storytellers about their contribution for swachh...... did i help ? say thanks