How can I score 100% in IMO (SOF's International Mathematics Olympiad)(Class 6)?

think before attempting a question. you might spend more time on easy question if you dont as there are simple tricks to some questions....
don't aim at solving all as you can never solve all in that time. I am not demoralizing, just letting you know the fact...aim at solving as much as you can correctly. All the best.
Thanks for your advice.
I am sorry for reporting it bt it seems that the question is not related to homework
It is a little bit related to homework: preparing is a homework, anyways, right?


IMO olympiads are very tough. And its about maths so u need to practice practice and practice. The organisation provides u with workbooks. U can go through them. U can also look for sample papers online.One more important thing is - time. U will have to do the paper really quickly. There are 50 questions that u will need to solve in just 60 minutes. So do u paper real quick. And during the paper just calm down. In hurry u can make mistakes. Also go through the format of the paper which r again available on the organisation's site 
ALL THE BEST. ........ :)