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   Cleanliness is very important to all of us.  Our bodies are suited to live in clean environment.  Only some insects and animals can live in dirty environment.  God has initially created all beautiful and clean Earth, atmosphere and sky for us.  We have slowly degenerated it.  In the last 50 years we have rapidly degraded it.

   On top of the above damage, many people are throwing garbage every where.  Due to that unlearned practice, many others suffer.  Insects gather at uncleanly areas and breed.  People may get diseases and may have to spend a  lot of money.  Government also has to spend a lot of money.  So many medicines are needed. 

   We should clean our rooms, houses, and our surroundings regularly.  We should put the garbage bags in the designated boxes at the corners of streets.  Then they will be taken care of by the municipal corporations.  They will also take care of recycling waste to generate energy.

    We should maintain the roads, offices and public places clean.  Often in India people throw every thing around when there is a gathering or mela or a public event.  Cleanliness shows that we are disciplined.  Cleanliness also gives good atmosphere to think better.  The cleanliness of our body also is as important as the cleanliness of the country.

    People have said that cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Swachchata is to be built in to our regular schedule of the week.  The prime minister Modi has initiated the Swach Bharat Abhiyan to emphasize the importance of cleanliness to every Indian.  He hopes that every Indian in remote villages understands its necessity.

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