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No, education should not be commercialized.

Commercialization of education means giving permissions and licenses to private organizations to run universities, schools, colleges, educational institutions, and coaching centers.  The government is running the education with its administration and control over on top of many educational institutions.  There is an education ministry and a board of education to look after that in each state.  There are boards to monitor the progress of education at the country level.

If the education is total commercialized, then private organization will take over the education.   Since government is not going to fund education, the fees will go up. Many people cannot afford that.  If some institutes do not attract enough students to finance and run their institutions, then they will be closed down.  In smaller areas or villages, the educational institutes may not run well.

If education is commercialized, some institutions in populous areas will succeed a lot due to a lot of students. The quality of education and talent will depend on the costlier institutes.

If education is commercialized, then the basic fundamental right that education is a right of a child is no more valid.

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