When we decided to have a tree plantation week in july, i knew i had made the right choice, like this, word of cleaning india would spread like wildfire in our school. we put up posters, made speeches, circulars, basically, did anything to spread awareness.
When we reached school, we started distributing seeds to passer-bys, telling them about the tree plantation week, but most of the ignored us, just speeding up the pace of their walk.
i was a bit disappointed at first, but i couldn't change anything. could i ?
That night, there was a speech by Narendra modi on tv. almost everyone watched it. he rambled on, about how we shold not pollute the earth, and plant more trees.he had som many sentences and words to just speak about one topic, thought the audience would become bored, but to my surprise, everyone was caprivated by his wise words, they were hypnotised.
the next day at school, i noticed one change-
the ground was full of small shrubs, little trees, and some little piles of mud announced, that at any moment, a small flower would pop out, to dd to the beauty of our campus.
i was so happy! Now, when we offered seeds to passer-bus the accepted it with a smile, and even tried to pay for it, even though we insisted it was free.
i smiled. this was a small step to  huge leap to cleaning our india. Soon, our campus would flourish with small colourful and bright flowers, cool green leaves, the buss of birds and bees. 
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