Washington began the French and Indian war as a commissioned major in the militia for the British. His first engagement was a ambush on a French scouting part which is often thought of as a major reason for the start of the Seven Year War  which also known as the French and Indian War. 
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In 1753, Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia ordered a young, ambitious 21-year old George Washington on mission deep into the Ohio Country to confront the French. Washington’s account of his journey to Fort Le Beouf and back made Major Washington a celebrity on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1754 Washington’s surprise attack upon a small French force at Jumonville Glen and his subsequent surrender to French forces at the Battle of Fort Necessity helped to spark the French & Indian War. The following year, Washington accompanied Maj. Gen. Edward Braddock on his ill-fated march on Fort Duquesne. Washington’s French & Indian War experiences taught him many important military lessons that he incorporated into his American Revolutionary War actions.