Locomotion occurs only  when a body changes its position from one place to another.
whereas Movement is the change in the shape, direction, etc, of a body parts. 
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Locomotion is movement of the entire organism or body of the species (animal or human being) from one location to another.  There is a translatory motion of all parts of the body.

Locomotion needs energy.  Locomotion of flying birds in a streamlined way does not need energy as they simply glide and float.  They do not wave flaps.

Locomotion is usually self propelling. that is , it is initiated by self.

Movement is change in any part of the organism from cell level to the entire animal or human level.  Movement can take place even though locomotion does not take place.  Movement needs energy.  Movement happens due to muscles.

movement can be due to an external force pushing the body , like air, machine etc.

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