Q1 Seema is 20 yrs old and reema is 4 yrs old. in how many yrs will seema be twice as old as reema?

Q2 Find 3 consecutive natural numbers such that the sum of the first and the second is 39 more than the third number.

Q3 In a family , the consumption of wheat to that of rice is in the ratio of 3:1 . If the total consumption of the cereals is 28 kg , find the consumption of wheat and rice

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Ans1 ) seema's age- 20 yrs
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1.Write the equation for ‘One third of a number plus 5 is 8.

2.Laxmi’s father is 49 years old. He is 4 years older than three times Laxmi’s age.(Take Laxmi’s age to be y years.) Set up an equation. 

Maya, Madhura and Mohsina are friends studying in the same class. In a class test ingeography, Maya got 16 out of 25. Madhura got 20. Their average score was 19. Howmuch did Mohsina score? 

Raju’s father’s age is 5 years more than three times Raju’s age. Find Raju’s age, if his father is 44 years old.