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       Hello every one. We are the teeth.  We are the white sparkling beautiful array of teeth.  We give a good shape to your face at the jaws.  We help people munch food and help it become smooth and pulp, so people can swallow it easily.  We make people keep the food inside mouth for enough time to enjoy its taste.

    We are there in the mouths of all of animals and human beings.  We are so glad to write about ourselves.  We will be happy if every one realizes how important we are to all people.  Then, all people must learn to take care of us properly.

     When a child is born we are not there with him or her.  But after 1 year onwards, we grow.  We grow continuously until the milky teeth come out.  Then we grow again strongly and permanently.   We protect the tongue so well.  We stand very well with the support of smooth and hard gums.  We are so strong that some people pulled cars and trucks also with a rope tied to us.

    Some people do not take care of us properly.  They do not brush every day.   They do not brush for enough time.  Slowly cavities form between us and the gums.  So the food particles remain among us and trouble us.  They rot and cause infection in cavities.  If infection is too much then people have to go to a dentist and he may remove some teeth.  It is so painful.

     In old age, some people arrange for artificial teeth because all of us are removed from their mouth.  Their face looks not so beautiful.  Old people without us , can not eat many foods because they cannot bite, crunch or munch.  Drinking too much tea and coffee, and eating too many chocolates  also spoils us, if not brushed properly.

   Further,  people drink very cold water and very hot water.  It really creates a problem for us, we feel so cold when a person pours cold water on us right in the morning.  We like nice warm water. 

   We hope the people take care of us very well and so we will live till the end of their life in a healthy way.

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