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This is because  inside the bus his whole body was in a state of motion with the bus .On jumping out of the moving bus ,as soon as his feet touch the ground the lower part of his body comes to rest while the upper part still remains in motion due to inertia of motion. This makes him fall in the direction of motion of the bus .To avoid falling the passenger should run on ground in the direction of the bus.
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Because of inertia. when we sit in a bus we'll be in motion with respect to us and our body doesnt want to change its state.this is due to inertia of motion. in the same way when we get down the bus, our body will be in motion and doesnt want to come to rest position immedietely. so we run for some time and slows down slowly and comes to rest position. this all happens due to inertia of motion. if we dont run after getting down, we'll fall down.
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this is because of INERTIA OF MOTION.wen we are in a moving bus,our body tend to be in a moving state and suddenly wen the bus stops we ina tendency of being in motion fall infront.